Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

* There are many businesses and business professionals that use social media tools for social networking and

There are 5 (five) strong social media tools:

– Facebook Fans into Customers : The number of fans you have on Facebook could favor your business.
Neither to say, we’re in the business of selling our products and
services. The time we spent on Facebook will be rewarded.

– Nimble: Nimble is a Social C.R.M tool. Where social media channels are tightly integrated and helps
you manage and grow relationships with your contacts. Also, it target current and potential
customers and ultimately leads to sales.

– Mention: Where you can monitor your brand more effectively and most cost effective solution. Google
Alerts is a free application that allows you to track mentions of keywords on the web.

– Pingraphy: Pingraphy allows you to upload your pins (pictures you put on a board) in bulk, schedule
these items and then view statistics related to how they progress.

– Automate Actions with IFTTT :IFTTT ( If this then that ) is a useful tool for automating some tasks
related to social media. If a particular event happens than another
event is triggered.

Social networking is a really powerful tool for professionals and for self-promotion/self-marketing. Recruiters and
employers are increasingly using social media to find people. Also, You can promote your products and services to larger audience/potential customers. The idea of creating personal/professional image though social media is vest. Not only it gives boot to your business but it also creates more customers, ultimately leads to more sales. There are many others way that social media is being used by businesses. They are as follows: Spread the word, build brand loyalty, provide support and empower staff. List goes on..

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